lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010

Stanley's Drop-Off

menorca diving scuba buceoOn the eastern coast very close to the 18th Century Martello tower at Alcalfar there is an interesting dive site, this drop-off is ideal for seascape photography due to it's many rock formations. The upper part is formed by dense neptunegrass and crevices which channel across towards the deeper part finally reaching the drop-off; which plummets to -25m. One can dive from north to south or viceversa around the reef; in the centre a pinnacle emergest o the surface which is a useful guide when approaching by boat.

This reef is a popular site for the nearby dive centres although the wind conditions make it visitable in lesser ocassions than other close-by sites.

menorca diving scuba buceo menorca diving scuba buceo menorca diving scuba buceo