martes, 7 de octubre de 2008


Lately and although it's coming to the end of swimming and snorkelling weather, I've been taking pictures without scuba outfit, I honestly must practice my skills, since I really thought i'd be freediving for longer and deeper periods.
Some of the many things I've come across are very curious, such as the sheer plunge at 100ft and the beautiful light display caused by the effect; as seen above.
Or even some misterious bio-luminiscent critters such as the Bolinopsis, which tend to float along with the currents, lately I've seen quite a few far from the shoreline. In the picture you can see it's own reflection on the water.

Also on the sandbank in Cala'n Porter beach, I came across this fella which I hadn't seen before.

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Anónimo dijo...

Grata sorpresa encontrar este blog con fotos submarinas, buceo aqui en el norte siempre que la mar nos lo permite y le estoy dando vueltas a la adquisicion de una camara submarina, la luz y claridad de la aguas del mediterreneo te dan mucho juego, aqui es bastante mas complicado.