lunes, 11 de agosto de 2008

Probably Minorca's best known cave dive

Pont de'n Gil- Ciutadella, this dive is pretty shallow and really one spends most of the time along the surface inside the cave, thus using very little air.
The sheltered area of Sa Cigonya, where we anchored was the deepest part of the dive, from there onwards through the "Pont de'n Gil", and towards the cavern gradually shallower til the inner part, eventually surfacing in the cave and floating along the surface admiring the rock formations.

This time the sea spray inside provided us with a foggy effect. Since this is one of the best-known dives it explains why we came across so many divers, several groups swam bellow us while we took these pictures.

As we made our way to the exit, we came across yet another group making the place quite busy and creating a lot of suspended sand. Durng the dive we saw very little life, some small scorpionfish and a few shy shrimps.
The outer area was covered with nudibranchs, mainly the varieties we saw were; flabellina affinis & Cratena Peregrina.

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